WITHIN is tracking real-time trends in ecommerce across verticals and media platforms

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These graphs illustrate how sectors are performing YoY. So if the sector was up 10% YoY before COVID-19, and the sector is now down 15% YoY, we would report that as down 25% versus the benchmark period.

This data is based on our clients’ first-party data in US ecommerce. We manage over $500MM in media spend for fast-growing VC-backed startups and Fortune 100 companies. Our partners collectively drive over $5B in ecommerce revenue. We place clients into their respective verticals for these graphs, and some clients appear in more than one vertical. For example, if you are an omnichannel fashion brand you would be grouped into both the omnichannel and fashion sectors. An average-sized client has the following daily metrics: 100k sessions, 1900 transactions, $350k revenue.